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Career Success Planning

Career Success Planning for Corporations

Improved Employee Hiring and Retention

Features Overview

Sculpture Japan work with progressive companies to improve employee engagement, provide mid-level management with professional level interviewing skills and assist your admin/HR team on creating an effective and cost-saving interview process.

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Employee Career Success planning

IIncreasing employee engagement is an effective tool to reduce turnover and increase productivity. Employees work better when they feel their company is investing in their career progress. Our Employee Career Success Planning initiative can be offered as an employee benefit, to help them work towards progression within you company. It will also give your company greater insight into your teams' motivations, worries and give you advance notice of issues that could be brewing and potentially leading to turnover.


Professional interviewer training

Hiring the right people is key to the success of a company. However who is training your managers to conduct effective interviews? Are managers asking the right questions? How is your company’s brand message conveyed in every interview? Our Professional Interviewer Training Course will deliver you better interviewers, a consistent system for recording interview results and better company brand perception for all interviewees. 

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creating an effective hiring and interview process

Having a structured hiring process in place saves time and money. Sculpture Japan have partnered with some of the most successful companies in Tokyo on their hiring projects. We have seen what the best do when it comes to their hiring process. We will visit your office and learn your current process. Through key modifications and adjustments we will create a plan for your company that is consistent and can be used for all hiring processes.