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Career planning services for individuals and corporations

Career Planning services

career planning for individuals

Sculpture Japan offers tailored one on one career consulting sessions. We will create a plan to help you achieve your career goals; whether they be a promotion, more money or more time off. Sculpture Japan will partner with you to achieve your goals!

how to find your career

Today we are blessed with more career options than ever before. For many people its hard to decide what they want to do with their lives. Working with Sculpture Japan you will identify where your skills and passions cross, short-list career paths and choose your new career.

Building executive presence 

Think about the most impressive professional you have encountered face to face. They might have been more senior to you, or a junior person with a stellar career trajectory. One thing they all have in common is
Executive Presence. 

How to Plan your job search

Changing jobs is always stressful, but with the guidance of Sculpture Japan we will take away some of the stress. We will tailor your resume, choose the right places to begin your job search, prepare you for interviews and teach you how to negotiate when you receive job offers.

interview preparation

 Sculpture Japan builds on years of one on one experience helping professionals in Japan prepare for interviews. We have created a tailored program that will prepare you to confidently present your best self.  

leveraging your networK

Social media, networking events, meetups. There are many ways to build a network in Tokyo, but few people really leverage their network effectively. Sculpture Japan will work with you to get the most out of the network you have built, and to grow your network in the right directions.

recruitment planning for corporations

Hiring new employees, or replacing sudden leavers is an expensive and time consuming process. Sculpture Japan will work with you and your company to create a process to reduce wasted time and unnecessary cost, and  minimize the risk of a mis-hire. 

Employee career planning for corporations

It's a candidate short market making the cost of a leaver in terms of time and money, even higher. Sculpture Japan created a tailored career planning program for your staff that will reduce turnover and strengthen their ties to your company. 

Interview training for managers

Interviewing a candidate can be tricky.  Sculpture Japan has extensive experience preparing managers to interview effectively. We will work with your management team to teach them the right questions to ask in order to discern which candidates have the skills you want and are a good fit for your corporate culture.