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Recruiter Training

Get your recruiter up to speed, faster

Today's candidate market in Japan is the toughest its been in over a decade. Hiring an internal recruiter, or bringing on a new consultant in your recruitment practice means you need to invest time in training them. At Sculpture Japan we have partnered with external experts to offer the following three solutions for you and your business. 


sourcing center

What does it take to get a sourcing team up and running; to have a pipeline of A-class candidates and an organized process for approaching, screening and interviewing? Achieve this level of professionalism much faster with Sculpture Japan.


Recruiter Training

It takes six to nine months to get a newly hired recruiter producing results. Sculpture Japan's Recruiter Training will bring your new hire up to speed in considerably less time and will have them contributing to your firms success.


Kenja Rooms

What makes your firms recruitment process truly innovative and serving your customers? With Kenja Rooms you will stand out from the crowd and deliver customer centric communication that your clients and candidates are always asking for.